The COVID-19 pandemic has been incredibly hard on the service industry. And it’s not going to change anytime soon. We are nothing short of grateful for the support we have received during these times from our team members and clients.

The truth is, most businesses are short-staffed and are doing their best to navigate the new normal. This calls for a new level of compassion and understanding from guests.

This resource was created based on rules we've seen in similar industries, and businesses like Yellow Brick Pizza, to outline ways that we all can work together to make the nail salon experience the best it can possibly be given the circumstances.

Rule #1: Patience 

Labor shortages, ever-changing COVID-19 safety guidelines, shifting layouts, and safety barriers - all of these hurdles make it harder to offer guests the experience they expect. It doesn't mean salons aren’t trying, though. We are doing our best to navigate the new normal.

Rule #2: The Customer Is Not Always Right

For years the service industry has thrived on the notion that “the customer is always right” no matter how outrageous their request is. But the pandemic and the behavior that came with it - impatience regarding wait times, name-calling, frustration over limited availability, disregard for safety protocols - has shown to both service professionals and, honestly, to most guests that the sentiment is outdated and existed during a pre-pandemic time.

Rule #3: Be Clear About Special Needs Or Preferences

Overcommunicate. Call the shop ahead of time, and make notes when booking an appointment. When you arrive, remind the staff again.

Rule #4: Respect The Appointment

Salons simply cannot sustain the financial losses of no-shows, particularly right now. If you can’t show up for your appointment (life does happen), always call the shop and let them know with as much notice as possible.

Rule #5: Use Your Phone For Memories Not Calls

Whether you’re scanning QR codes, creating Instagram stories, or just snapping a picture of your new mani, it’s okay to create memories via tech, but please, turn off the ringer.

Rule #6: Don’t Weaponize Your Online Review

A bad nail salon experience truly sucks. But a bad online review does nothing to turn your day around and instead punishes the salon in perpetuity for an off day or single accident. Instead, give constructive feedback to management during the moment so they can course-correct, improve your experience, and not have to suffer long-term.

Rule #7: Be Kind

As you reestablish your beauty schedule, with relief that your favorite nail salon is open again, tread softly. Keep timelines, directness, and kindness in communication top of mind and recognize the humanity of every worker. Greet each employee with an acknowledgment of their presence: You are sharing space with them.

We are endlessly thankful for those of you who have shown up consistently to support our team and business. 

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