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Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes, we do take walk-ins when space is available although we highly recommend making an appointment. Book an appointment HERE.

How long does gel polish last?

Gel polish may last up to two weeks without chipping, smudging, or cracking.

What are gel extensions?

Gel extensions are full-coverage gel nails applied with gel instead of harsh adhesives that extend the length of your nails but are much lighter than acrylics and have less risk of damaging the nail when it comes to removal as we do not use electric files for application or removal.

What is Luminary? Why does it sometimes burn while curing?

A multi-flex gel that combines the strength of acrylic with the flexibility of hard gel to create long-lasting manicures. As with most gel systems, you may experience a bit of a heat spike depending on the thickness of the gel. Keep in mind Luminary is a thicker product. Try to go in the light and pull out of the light after 5-10 seconds. Once should be enough but depending on your sensitivity level, you may want to repeat the process. Luminary is booked as an add-on service.

How do you remove your gel polish and gel extensions?

We hand-file the top coat layer, and soak them individually in acetone, followed by gently pushing the product off with a removal tool. No electric file needed!

What is the difference between hard gel/acrylic/dip and gel polish/gel extensions?

Hard gel, acrylic ,and dip typically are applied using a range of techniques such as a brush and separate pot of thick gel product or powder/liquid combination and electric files are used before or during application, and require an electric file for removal causing major damage in some circumstances to the natural nail. Gel polish and gel extensions do not require electric files before, during, or for removal. They are cured using an LED light and can be soaked off with hand filing and acetone without damaging the natural nail.

What makes us natural? Why do you not use nail drills?

We specialize in providing natural nail care and products and do not use acrylic products because they are poor for your overall health. We do not use Electric files because they can be extremely damaging  and we strive to protect the integrity of your natural nail.

Why do I need to use cuticle oil?

Cuticle oil nourishes your cuticles and natural nails offering proper hydration reducing the risk of hangnails and resulting in longer-lasting manicures. Check out our signature Dew Effect Cuticle Oil pen HERE.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, we only ship our cuticle oil domestically at this time.

What are things I can do to extend the wear of my gel manicure?

Add luminary to your manicure for additional strength and durability, avoid extended exposure to hot water, use gloves while cleaning, doing dishes or when exposed to chemicals/cleaning products, avoid picking your nails, avoid clipping/trimming or filing after the gel is applied, use cuticle oil daily, avoid using your nails as tools.

What is the difference between a membership and a bundle?

A membership is a monthly subscription with additional benefits that offer you a save on our most popular services along with extra perks exclusive to our members. Our memberships renew on the same date of original purchase monthly and services do not transfer over to the next month. A bundle is a one-time purchase that offers a discount on a bundle of our most popular services and does not expire for one year from the purchase date. Please note that memberships and bundles are non-transferable to other guests.

Your website only allows me to book a group of three. Can I book a larger group?

Yes, we welcome groups of all sizes and ask you to please email our events coordinator at for additional information and accommodations.

Are you child-friendly?

Yes, we welcome guests of all ages. Please note, that guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can review our cancellation policy HERE.

Can gift cards be used at any location?

Yes, our gift cards are valid at all locations!

Why do I have to put a card on file?

We require a card on file for all bookings to uphold our 24-hour cancellation policy although you are welcome to check out using an alternative card, Apple Pay or The W Nail Bar gift card. The card on file will only be charged if you violate our cancellation policy. You can view our policy HERE.

Can I pay in cash?

We are cashless and take payment via credit card or The W Nail Bar gift card only.

Are you hiring? Where can I apply?

Yes, we are always hiring for various positions. View open roles and apply HERE.

Do you perform Russian Manicures?

No, we do not use or possess electric files at The W Nail Bar.

Do you offer Shellac?

Shellac is a brand of CND gel products. We do offer limited quantities of this brand in some stores.

What is Dermaplane?

Dermaplaning is the process of using a tool to remove fine hair and dead skin to promote cell growth and product absorption. It exfoliates, brightens, and rejuvenates the skin.

Why do you have copper pedicure bowls instead of the jets? 

Our copper pedicure bowls are naturally antimicrobial, and make for a safer and cleaner pedicure experience. Jets are notoriously dirty, sucking in the bacteria from one guest and blowing it out on the next.

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