Our Story

We're Manda and Lauren, two Ohio-born sisters who created and opened The W Nail Bar in 2015. As midwest girls who grew up in a family-owned business, we always knew one day we wanted to start one of our own.

When the day finally came to decide what that business should be, we settled on a chic and sustainable nail salon. For us, creating The W was about filling a void we saw in the market with a clean, fun, and customer service-based nail salon. Along with that, we wanted to create a safe space for nail techs to not only work but feel valued and cared for.

So, that’s exactly what we did! After opening, we also quickly realized product lines were not up to our standards. So we started making our own!

We also use copper pots for our pedicures. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, copper is also a natural antiseptic. After learning 1 in 4 guests leave nail salons with a bacterial or fungal infection, we knew we would never put our feet into a tub with jets again! And we wanted to make sure you didn’t either.

The W means everything to us. It’s truly a special place filled with the most incredibly talented people. We really are a family, and we hope when you visit, you feel like family, too.

The Way