The Way


It’s one thing to be a nail tech, but it’s another thing to be a nail tech at The W Nail Bar! Manda and Lauren, aka the sisters and owners of The W, dream of employing 4,000 women one day, and they plan to make this dream a reality someday soon. Health insurance and continuing education are just a few of the benefits of working here—we pride ourselves on being a safe, supportive, fun environment for our nail techs! Plus, we value diversity and individuality, which means everyone has their own unique style and vibe here at The W. The bottom line? We’re more than just a group of coworkers, we’re a family.

Customer Service

Top-quality manicures and pedicures are kind of our thing, but so is our customer service. As an all-natural nail bar, never ever will you be greeted with an overwhelming smell from harsh chemicals or acrylics! Drills are extremely harmful for your nails, and we’d love to get your nails strong and transition you out of having acrylics—just ask us how! Plus, with customer perks like tip lines, top-notch products, mobile booking, and to-die-for memberships, you’ll feel the love, value, and ease The W has to offer no matter where you venture. After all, you’re a part of the fam!


Love dirty talk? 1 in 4 guests leaves nail salons with a bacterial or fungal infection. Yikes. When we first heard about this statistic, we knew we’d never put our feet into a tub with jets again! And we wanted to make sure you didn’t either. That’s why The W Nail Bar uses copper pots for our pedicures. Aesthetically beautiful? No doubt! Natural antiseptic? You bet. (Psst...wanna hear more about our standards? We wrote a blog post about it!)


Giving back is at the heart of everything we do, and it always has been. From the beginning, The W was founded to support women. In addition to giving to local community initiatives, we support anti-sex trafficking organizations. Lifting women up is what we do, and helping to create a safe community is one step in doing that.