You may have noticed we offer ‘Luminary - Nail Strengthening’ as an add-on to our services. Here’s the 411 on what this fantastic product is and how it will upgrade your nail game.

The Luminary Nail System is a multi-flex gel that provides the strength of acrylic and flexibility of hard gel to create manicures that LAST. The add-on is ideal for growing natural nails because it is a universal base that allows techs to apply only one product to create beautifully structured manicures.

The benefits of adding Luminary to your manicure are that the gel reinforces your natural nail allowing it to grow longer, stronger, and healthier, all while being able to be gently soaked off with acetone. The product is as strong as acrylic and as flexible as hard gel while being vegan and cruelty-free!

Luminary is great for clients who:

  • Are hard on their nails
  • Recently had acrylics removed
  • Have thin nails
  • Have difficulty growing long nails
  • Work in the medical field and wash their hands often

Luminary is an amazing product for any client who wants to keep their nails long and strong. Interested in learning more? Ask your nail tech during your next manicure and add Luminary to your appointment.