Do you ever go to the nail salon and know what shape you’d like your mani, but you aren’t sure what to call it? Or maybe you think you know the name but get something different than expected? We’re here to help! Check out each nail shape below, so you know what to ask for at your next appointment.


Round nails are a classic shape that is low maintenance. A rounded shape won’t easily break or chip at the edges making it ideal for someone who is rough on their hands. 

Round Nails


A square shape is a statement that instantly elevates your manicure. We especially love it when paired with a tip design because it makes the shape pop even more. 

Square Nails


Yes, this squoval is a shape! This is great if your nails tend to break when you get square, but you love the straight-across look.

Squoval Nails


For those who are fans of the round shape, but want to add a little length. Similar to round, this shape is least likely to snag at the corners. If you struggle to make your mani last, try an oval shape at your next appointment.

Oval Nails


If you have extra length and want a nontraditional shape. Almond nails are a great pick! This shape creates the optical illusion of longer nails and adds an air of elegance making it the most flattering shape for any hand. 

Almond Nails


This shape is for the most extra beauty lovers. Stiletto nails are a statement piece making them your most stunning accessory.

Stiletto Nails

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