It’s Summer! Time to go to the beach and the pool to soak up the sun. While you’re catching rays, follow these tips so that you preserve your nails all vacation long!

Tip 1: Be mindful of how long your nails are in the water

When your nails are submerged in water, the polish is at risk of peeling and splitting. According to Nails Mag, ‘This is because the nails can absorb water even more readily than the skin and when water goes in and out of the nails, the small cells that make up the nail (oncocytes) expand and contract. This constant change in water content puts a tremendous strain on the bonds between these cells and results in a weakening of the nail, which is what we observe when we see peeling and splitting.”

Tip 2: Get the gel

Gel polish is always a good idea. Always. It lasts longer and when properly removed, it can help your natural nail grow stronger and healthier. This is especially important for summer vacay pedicures. Our feet go through a lot, so when they are getting more air-time during sandal season, gel polish is the way to keep them looking better longer.

Tip 3: Wipe SPF off of nails after applying

SPF is a MUST every day, but it’s especially important during the sunny summer months. When left on nails, SPF can negatively impact gel causing it to lift and it can stain the polish. Extra tip: Avoid white polish. This color gets the most stained during SPF application. 

With that being said, it is Summertime, so have fun, relax, and decompress while on vacation. Follow these tips and your mani and pedi last a little bit longer and look gorgeous.

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