For the past few years, gel manicures have taken the beauty world by storm. I mean, a glossy, chip-free polish that lasts as long as two to three weeks? Consider us sold! But, sadly, even the best nail techs can’t control the eventual wear and tear of a gel manicure (lookin’ at you, nail-biters & pickers). And while gel may seem like the magical answer to all your self-care prayers, you still need to put in a little effort to make them last—especially if your polish is chipping or lifting within the week. Here at The W Nail Bar, safety, cleanliness and customer service are our top priorities. Which is why we’re quick to assure our clients that, contrary to popular belief, gel manicures will not ruin their nails as long as they take proper care of them. “What can ruin your nails is the gel polish being applied incorrectly, and/or removed incorrectly,” says The W nail tech Gracyn Chittenden, “Peeling off your polish, biting it or drilling it off will most definitely have negative effects on your nails, but proper removal and proper application is key!” So no need to cancel your next appointment (phew!), gel manicures are definitely still A-OK in our book! Simply follow these hacks, and you’ll be rockin’ your gel polish for as long as possible. 1. Cuticle Oil is your new BFF. Want to ensure long-lasting polish? “Keep your nails nourished and hydrated,” says The W nail tech Bianca Adams, “We recommend using our Jean Cuticle Oil a few times a day along with a good moisturizer, like our Hand & Body Lotion.


2. Don’t Pick Your Polish! This one’s a no-brainer, but definitely needs to be said. Picking or chewing on your nails is sure to land you back into our nail bar faster than you can say “my gels are ruined.” And sadly, it doesn’t stop there. The more you pick your polish, the thinner your nails become. 3. Put the Clippers Away Do your nails grow quicker than average? Maybe you feel they’re getting too long between salon visits. We totally feel you, but please resist the urge to trim or file your nails. This causes the seal to break, resulting in lifting, peeling and splitting. Another at-home treatment to avoid? “Don’t push your manis out too far,” says The W nail tech Ciarra Bonidie, “You don’t want your nails to break or have overgrown cuticles.”


4. Book a Skilled Manicurist In a perfect world, every nail tech should know how to properly prep your nails before gel application. Sadly, this isn’t always the case, which means lifting is more than likely to occur. Our advice? Book a skilled manicurist (psst...we know a few!). Pre-book your appointments with us today! 5. Avoid Hot Water Hey, we’re not knocking the luxury of a hot, steamy shower (especially in the cold, winter months!), but if you want to avoid your gel polish from lifting, we recommend bathing and washing your hands with warm, not hot, water. Psst...speaking of hot—heading on vaca? While we always encourage wearing SPF, beware that sunscreen and oils can cause lifting! 6. Grab Your Rubber Gloves Whether you just speed-read Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up or your house is in desperate need of a scrub down, make sure you wear rubber gloves. Simply put, the chemicals in traditional cleaning products can weaken your gels. Still not sure if gel polish is right for you? Contact one of our nail techs at The W Nail Bar today! We’ll be able to answer any of your questions, plus book an appointment to ensure the safest application possible.