Founders Manda Mason and Lauren Hunter dish out a few of their beauty secrets, some fun facts and the story behind the ever-popular W Nail Bar.

Here’s what we know: Manda and Lauren are the magical minds behind The W Nail Bar, a nail spa created with two things in mind—cleanliness & customer service. As soon as you enter The W, you'll be greeted warmly and offered a drink (yes, please!). Our exposed brick, wide-plank floors, plants, and tons of natural light streaming through their stores that will remind you that you’re where you’re supposed to be. Aside from aesthetics, The W Nail Bar only uses the greenest, sustainable and locally sourced products we can. The best part? Our copper tubs have become our calling card for a reason: they set us apart from the strip mall nail shops and are a measure of how seriously we value our clientele. And they're more than just eye candy. The natural anti-microbial properties make them the perfect vessel in which to bathe and soften your feet. Here’s what we need to know, but don’t: Manda and Lauren are too cool to go behind the scenes. That’s why we sat down and asked them a few questions we’re just dying to know. Read on!

Get To Know Manda & Lauren

Question 1: Aside from your amazing business venture creating The W Nail Bar, what’s a fun little fact about your life people don’t know about? Manda: I was the lead singer of a band for ten years and had a distribution deal with Universal Studios. One of my songs was in the top 20 in seven states! Lauren: I looovveeeee to travel all over the world. There’s no place I wouldn't go! I’m also an adrenaline junkie. I love extreme sports—think: snowboarding, scuba diving around the world, hiking the Grand Canyon & then camping at the bottom of it for 5 days. The list goes on! I never say no to an adventure. ------- Question 2: If you could give any must-know beauty tip or trick, what would it be? Manda: Take care of your skin! No smoking, drink tons of water, use alllll the creams and things! Lauren: Wash your face and use really great products. Also, take probiotics & vitamins, too. Your inside health is a reflection of what you look like on the outside. OH! And don’t pick your gels off...use cuticle oil every night before bed, like our Jean Cuticle Oil (psst...or you can shop all of our products here!). ------- Question 3: What’s the best piece of advice a woman has given you? Manda: That’s a tough one. I’ll give you two: no one knows what they’re doing, and no one is making it out alive, so be you and do whatever the hell you want. Lauren: Oh damn! I have been blessed with so many incredible women and female mentors that have given me so much valuable advice. I would say, if you want something, don’t be afraid to be relentless. And honestly, never take no for an answer. There will always be a YES out there. ------- Question 4: What made you decide to start The W Nail Bar? Manda: My sister and I knew we wanted to be in business together—we were meant to be! The nail salon was an obvious choice because we got our nails done every week and couldn’t find a salon that suited our needs. We are built on cleanliness and customer service. Lauren: What Manda said above! Our team, guests and community are everything to us! ------- Question 5: Favorite nail color. Go! Manda: Pink! Obvi! Lauren: Red! OPI Thrill of Brazil, to be specific. It’s the only red I will do! It’s classic, sexy and makes a statement. -------

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