Lash Extension Information

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Best Lashes Ever? Here’s Your Guide:
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  • Classic lashes are placed on a 1:1 ratio and are the most natural-looking lash extensions, slightly enhancing the eyes like mascara.
  • Glam/Volume lashes are placed on a 3:1 ratio and give the fullest/thickest effect. These lashes are perfect for anyone looking for the most volume, length, and darkness.
  • Hybrid lashes are a mixture of both classic and volume lashes. A hybrid set gives a texture between the 1:1 ratio and the 3:1 ratio lashes.
  • Natural Volume lashes are the perfect combo of a classic and hybrid set. These extensions are 2D and 3D fans placed over the natural lashes giving a natural effect without the 1v1 classic lashes resulting in a fluffier look.


  • DO NOT get lashes wet for 24 hours. This allows the lash glue to fully bond and adhere to the natural lashes.
  • Avoid oily products near the eye area. Oil breaks down the lash glue and can cause a chemical reaction in or around the eye.
  • No mascara on lash extensions. Mascara will affect extension retention, causing lashes to clump and stick together, and can cause infection from the oils in mascara.
  • No picking, plucking, or pulling lash extensions. This will cause natural lashes to fall out with the lash extensions.
  • Only wash lashes three times per week! This will help with the longevity of lash extensions and clean the natural oils that accumulate on lashes over time. If you sweat or wear makeup often, it is important to rinse lashes under water every evening to remove oils without a full wash.
  • Brush lashes at least once a day and only when lashes are fully dry.

Safety First! Read This ASAP:
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Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to be allergic to lash extensions. If you notice allergic reactions after receiving eyelash extensions, we recommend consulting a medical professional and taking a Benadryl immediately. If the allergic reaction persists after 12-24 hours, notify your lash technician immediately to get them professionally removed.

The Skinny On Booking:
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We recommend lash fills every two-three weeks. Timely upkeep of your lashes is important because natural eyelashes go through their own life cycle. As natural lashes grow, the extensions grow with them, which then causes the extensions to twist or fall if they’re too long. Therefore, maintaining lashes with regular fills is important for the longevity of the extensions and the health of your natural lashes.