People ask us why we don't offer acrylics. Our answer is simple: to protect the health of our employees and guests. They include harsh chemicals, including formaldehyde, a colorless gas that is highly toxic. These chemicals are dangerous not only for the guest but also for the nail techs who are breathing acrylic dust all day long. Long term, the chemicals in acrylics have been linked to asthma, respiratory issues, cancers, and liver and kidney damage

Additionally, acrylics require intense drilling of your natural nails which, if performed improperly can cause extra damage to your digits. 

As a natural nail salon, we were thrilled when Aprés Nails released gel-x extensions! This product is an amazing alternative to acrylics offering the same length and strength but can be removed by soaking the nail rather than using harmful drills. 

Gel extensions look like a clear press on nails and are made of, and applied with, gel. When applied, they cover the entire nail rather than just the tip, making them healthier for your nails as this can reduce breakage and promote natural nail growth. 

Gel-x extensions come in any length and shape, so whether you want short nails or long claws, this product will work for you!

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