Mad over manicures? Us, too (obvi). But believe it or not, the length, edging, and styling of your mani are more than just a self-care sesh. Your tips might be able to tell you a lot about your personality! From classic round to expressive stiletto, nails come in all different shapes and sizes—and while you might’ve experimented with a few nail silhouettes in the past, we guarantee you have a go-to, can’t-live-without nail shape (don’t we all?). Take a look and see what your preferred nail style (or two!) says about you.

1. Round Nails

Credit: @_nailsbyolivia

Your Personality: Simple, Classic, Timeless, All-Natural Your Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn The 411: As the name implies, round nails are, well, rounded! This simple shape is perfect for those with short nails looking to keep things au naturel (to which we say, très magnifique, babe). The truth is, you like to keep it classy, and we love that about you. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you had dreams of living in a black-and-white Audrey Hepburn movie.

2. Square Nails

Credit: @glamourbygracyn

Your Personality: Chill, Effortless, Confident, Put-Together
Your Style Icon: Chrissy Teigen
The 411: Similar to a round nail, but with the tip filed flat, you don't need much of an edge to achieve the square shape, so it's ideal for shorter nails. If this style is your go-to, then you already know you’re not afraid of the spotlight. But, let’s face it: you’d prefer to stay in your comfy pants on the couch after a day at work. People love you, but not as much as you love your self-care. No shame here!

3. Oval Nails

Credit: @_nailsbyolivia

Your Personality: Sweet, Sensitive, Sophisticated, Goal-Oriented
Your Style Icon: Mindy Kaling
The 411: You’re all about that ultra-feminine look. But that’s only to match the sweetness of your soul! When it comes to your style, your makeup is always on-point, your hair fab, and your manicures oh-so-elegant. Enter: oval nails—the elongated sister of the round shape. Classic? Yes. Sophisticated? Please. That’s, like, your middle name.

4. Ballerina + Coffin Nails

Credit: @jaycienailedit

Your Personality: Edgy, Trendsetter, Unconventional, Straightforward
Your Style Icon: Kylie Jenner
The 411: Ballerina, coffin, Kylie Jenner-esque—whatever you call it, this nail shape means serious business (just like you!). You can pretty much say goodbye to tradition, because your style is straight-up edgy, confident and unconventional. Long, tapered, with a flat square tip, the coffin shape screams “natural-born trendsetter.” But you knew that about yourself already...

5. Almond Nails

Credit: @beautybyheatherniccole

Your Personality: Funny, Charming, Life of the Party, Uplifting
Your Style Icon: Zendaya
The 411: When you walk into a room, people notice. That’s because you’re the life of the party! Case in point: your almond shaped nails. Think of these beauties as the next level of oval nails—more adventurous, but with a classic silhouette. Hey, it’s no surprise you’re sporting the most popular nail shape of the moment, people are always looking to you for trends! So, keep on shining, you little star.

6. Stiletto Nails

Credit: @glamourwithanna

Your Personality: Powerful, Creative, Extroverted, Expressive
Your Style Icon: Rihanna
The 411: It’s no secret: you’re undeniably cool, and you’re not afraid to show it, either. Chances are, you’d do anything to express yourself. And who could blame you? You’re basically an influencer. Your stiletto nails feature ultra-sharp, dagger-like points, making you difficult to miss, babe. And that’s why we love you—you’re electric, powerful and always down to be 100% authentically you. So, what does your go-to nail shape say about your personality? Can you relate? Which one are you? Leave a comment below telling us all about it!