Every single day, we’re faced with a million different choices: Red or white wine? Night on the town or Netflix and chill? Little black dress or those new jeans you just bought with a fire blazer? Winter whites or metallic nail art? Honestly, our heads are practically spinning with decision-making fatigue just thinking about it. While we can’t make any of your decisions for you (we’re over here still trying to choose between red or white wine!), The W Nail Bar totally has your back when it comes to winter whites and metallic nail art. That’s why we’ve gathered eight of our favorite designs to help you decide which one’s right for you (oh, and keep scrolling for two bonus looks, too!). Are you ready? Let’s do this...

Team Winter Whites

1. Mix with Matte (and Animal Print, too)

Nails by @jayme.sb Winter whites, animal print, *and* a matte finish? Swooning! If you’re having trouble deciding which trend to try first, look no further. This look blends all three with ease.

2. Sweater Weather

Nails by @blessedbykaty The holidays may be over, but sweater weather is here to stay. If you’re going for winter whites this season, give them a little knitted texture (psst...hot cocoa optional, but highly recommended).

3. Make It Yummy

Nails by @jaycienailedit The dopest nails we’ve seen in a while, these winter whites are looking like a snack. Oh, and did you notice that ballerina nail shape? We’ll take ten, please. #Yummy

4. Classic Winter White

Nails by @highlowluxxe When all else fails, classic white is as gorgeous as ever. If you go with this option, might we suggest experimenting with a fun new nail shape?

Team Metallic Magic

1. Gold Stripe

Nails by @_nailsbyolivia We totally get it: metallic is a bold (but solid) choice. If you’re feeling timid, have no fear. Allow us to present you with these swoon-worthy pink-and-gold-striped tips. Classy? No doubt. On-trend? So much yes.

2. Galactic Glamour

Nails by @beautybyheatherniccole When they see you sporting these galaxy-inspired nails, they’ll see stars. These tips will catch everyone’s attention faster than you can say, “So, what’s your sign?”

3. Sly as a Snake

Nails by @glamourwithanna Always keep an eye out for the snakes. These bronzed beauties wouldn’t be complete without a little sparkle and a lot of sly.

4. High Shine

Nails by Lisa (Austin) Classy color with an eye-catching shine, these metallic nails will turn heads left and right. Plus, they go great with any outfit and every occasion.

Team Mix It Up

1. Cozy Winter Nights

Nails by @nailed_it_by_pinki Still can’t decide between winter whites and metallic accents? We’ve got you covered! Consider this look your new go-to, where a knitted, white texture meets the blue night sky.

2. Marbled in Gold

Nails by @nailedby_a.g Permission to turn these stunning nails into inspo for our kitchen countertops? Granted! We’re seriously losing our mind over these marbled, metallic gold tips. They’re pretty much the perfect blend of both worlds, and then some! So, are you team metallic, team winter white, or both? Leave a comment below!