Not sure about you, but we’re so over reading “fuzzy socks” and “essential oil diffuser” on every holiday gift guide this year. Don’t forget that the holiday season is also about dreaming, wishing, and hoping. In other words, things that have proven elusive are absolutely still on our list! Here’s to hoping that when someone sees “Trip to the Amalfi Coast” on your wishlist, they’ll at least find some middle ground and take you for a weekend in New York. Hey, shooting high means you’ll probably land in the middle, right? So, for this holiday gift guide, The W founders, Lauren and Manda, have rounded up some of their current obsessions and wishlist items—some sincere, a few whimsical, and others absolutely hopeful. And don’t worry, some of them are even realistic! Let’s get the wheels turning for the ones in your life that are tricky to shop for—like your bestie, your mom, or even your sister-in-law!

Lauren’s Pick // Starbucks Gift Card (Unlimited Balance, Please!)

The infamous holiday cups are upon us—and while many are sipping mochas and hot cocoa this season, you can bet on your favorite pair of winter booties that Lauren’s festive cup is housing a piping hot matcha. It’s green, like all good things are, and it’s addicting. A gift card to Starbucks, America’s coffee powerhouse, will truly never get old. But the real question is...can we ask for a gift card that never runs out? We’ll keep you posted on that one... Shop Now!

Manda’s Pick // Kith’s Disney x Mickey Collection (Starting at $45)

In case you haven’t heard, you can now don television’s favorite little mouse on your wardrobe in more ways than you could’ve ever imagined. Sporty Converses? Check. Stylish puffer coat? Check. Denim beyond your wildest dreams? Check! You’ll look more on-trend and nostalgic than ever before. Want more? Check out Kith’s website. But hurry, they’re selling out faster than you can say “anthropomorphic.”

Lauren’s Pick // Anything & Everything Yeezy (Available Now for $485)

Is it safe to say these are the “It” shoes of our generation? The release of the adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 in February 2020 has got us (and the internet) buzzing. And Lauren has us wondering if we can get a backend website login to order from right now. They just look SO chic, and we can’t think of a better place to house perfectly pedicured toes. These shoes will surely treat them right. Shop Lauren’s Pick!

Manda’s Pick // Skims, Before They Sell Out Again! (Starting at $12)

Almost as good at sculpting as Michaelangelo himself, the Skims collection is about as hard to get your hands on as a bar of soap dropped in the shower. Don’t believe us? Just pull up the website and see how many items are marked “sold out.” If you want to give a killer gift, all you have to do is make a successful Skims purchase. Unfortunately, it’s a lot harder than it sounds, so get to it. Shop Now!

Lauren & Manda’s Pick // The W Nail Bar Faves (Starting at $18.50)

For Nails: There’s only one color that has the ability to catch your eye, be iconic, timeless and always trendy, all at the same time—its red! It’s undeniable that red nails are a classic, fail-safe way to look GOOD —seriously, red will never go out of style—and for that, we are grateful. For Products: Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately—not that we’d judge you—you know that The W Nail Bar recently released its own line of lotions, scrubs and candles. Lauren and Manda’s favorite? “The OG Body Lotion! Never gets old.” And when the owners talk, we listen. Shop Now!

Lauren & Manda’s Pick // A Trip to Amangiri

Gorgeously modern and chic, a stay at Amangiri is the textbook definition of a stylish winter getaway. One moment you’re hiking through mesas and canyons, and the next you’re eating an impossibly delicious meal with a view of the vast Utah landscape. This private resort has the ability to transport both your body and mind to a place that reflects its atmosphere—think minimalism, relaxation, and calm. Did we mention it’s a five-star resort? *Sighs* Shop Now! What’s on your dream holiday wish list this year? We would love to hear! Leave us a comment below.