A little one-on-one time with your little one.

That was our goal when we created our Mommy & Me Week a couple of years ago, and the results have been nothing short of amazing (thanks to our incredible team of nail techs!). We realized that our customers needed an escape after the holiday craziness—a life-changing mani or pedi to take the edge off always does the trick! But more importantly, we wanted to give our moms something to look forward to with their little. And with that, Mommy + Me Week was born! Here’s how it works: when you book any service at The W from January 13–19, 2020, your mini will receive the same treatment FREE! So, you basically just won the “Best Mom of the Year” award.

Which service will you choose? Either way, you can’t lose!

Which one’s their fave? Here’s what’s in store for your little!

  • The Monti Manicure: Includes a soak in essential oil, epsom salt scrub exfoliation, can’t-live-without massage, and your choice of polish. Psst...in need of some nail art? Make sure you book it as an additional service!
  • The Monti Pedicure: Includes a soak in your choice of our homemade bath bombs, epsom salt scrub exfoliation, can’t-live-without massage, essential oil hot towel wrap, and your choice of polish. But what truly sets our pedicure apart is our copper bowl. Along with being chic & comfortable, copper is a natural antiseptic!
Find a store near you, then be sure to book your appointment ASAP, before it’s too late! Can’t wait to see you there.