It’s a tale as old as time. You JUST got your nails done, and they are already starting to chip. Not only is this an inconvenience, but improper removal of gel polish can damage your natural nails. Keep reading to find out the top four ways to make your gel manicure last longer, according to our Shop Manager Heather Cantrell.


Avoid using your nails as tools at all costs. Labels, pop cans, and tape can easily chip your gel polish, and it’s simply not worth the risk of damaging your beautiful mani.

#2. Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is your nail’s best friend. We often pick the dead skin around our nails, which puts our gel polish at risk. Cuticle oil keeps the skin around your nail hydrated, which decreases the chances of your skin peeling or flaking; therefore, eliminating the chances of nicking your gel polish when removing dead skin. Additionally, cuticle oil acts are a barrier to your nail and protecting it from bumps or scratches. P.S. We created a life-changing Cuticle Oil you can purchase here.

#3. Regular Maintenance

Proper gel polish removal and regular cuticle and nail care are crucial for maintaining a beautiful mani. Pre-book your two-week appointment and keep up with that bi-weekly schedule. Can’t make it to the salon for a removal? We get it; life happens. Check out the five best at-home gel polish removers, according to

#4. Wear Gloves

Submerging your hands in water or interacting with harsh chemicals when cleaning can cause damage to your nails. Grab a pair of gloves next time you go through your laundry list of household chores to keep your gel mani protected.

We know the feeling of dread that follows the first chip of your manicure. The four steps above will help you preserve your beautiful mani and make your gel nails last longer.