It’s one thing to be a nail tech, but it’s another thing to be a nail tech at The W Nail Bar! Top quality manicures and pedicures are kind of our thing (no harsh chemicals here!), and we’re all about a warm, comforting environment for our community. Turns out, people really love that, including our nail techs! We don’t mean to brag, but we love what we do here, and we can’t keep the secret any longer. That’s why we sat down with one of our amazing employees, Gracyn Chittenden, to get the 411.

Gracyn Chittenden // @glamourbygracyn

How long have you been working at The W? I have been working for The W Nail Bar for 6 months. What made you decide to join us? In other words, what sealed the deal to make you want to work here over any other nail salon? Close to when you graduate school, several salons visit to recruit students to work for their salon upon graduation, so there were quite a few salons I looked at. As soon as The W Nail Bar came and talked to us, I knew instantly it was the place for me. From being an all-natural nail salon (which is so hard to find), to the huge range of girls working for the salon, I knew it would be such an exciting environment, and a clean one at that. Being a nail tech sounds like a dream. When did you know you wanted to be one? I have always loved the beauty industry, whether it’s hair, makeup, nails. I think pampering yourself is such a confidence-booster, and being able to do the pampering for other people is such a rewarding feeling. What do you love most about working here? When you’re a nail tech, you’re also a therapist, so doing a client’s nails while letting them vent about their day, or just bonding over The Bachelor and our love for food made me fall in love with my job, and I knew it was always going to be so much more than just doing their nails. Favorite nail color. Go! Anything glitter, duh!? What’s the most common question/nail dilemma your clients ask you? How do you respond? The most common question/concern I hear is ‘Doesn’t gel ruin your nails?!’, and the answer is always no. What can ruin your nails is the gel polish being applied incorrectly, and/or removed incorrectly. Peeling off your polish, biting it, or drilling it off will most definitely have negative effects on your nails, but proper removal and proper application is key! ------ A huge thank you to Gracyn for telling her W Nail Bar love story! Interested in becoming one of us? Learn more about joining The W as a nail tech here!