Step aside, winter. Spring is well on its way—and we’re so over your cold temps and snowy excuses that leave our nails peeling and our cuticles dry (seriously, get out). But as sunny days and blue skies make their debut, are you ready, too? Yikes! After sporting your sneakers and boots all winter long, those toes are in desperate need of some TLC. We’re talkin’ pedicures, stat (because, spring break). But have no fear! The W is here. And we have everything you need to get yourself ready for pool days, sunbathing and so much more. Think perfectly pretty pedicures and beach-worthy nail art fit for a spring-break queen. You’ve got this.

3 Tips for the Perfect Spring Break Pedicure

Lackluster toes? Please! You’re never one to blend in with the crowd. Stand out with these pedicure pro tips!

1. Grab some inspiration.

Before you book your next appointment, you’ll need some pedicure inspiration (psst...need some help? Start here). It’s fun to research new trends for a new season. In fact, we heard this color is really hot right now.

2. Next stop: hit the salon.

Now that you know exactly what color and trend you want for your best spring break yet, it’s time to hit the nail salon. Trust us, after the wear and tear your nails took this winter, you’re gonna need more than just a soak. Also, our nail techs know a thing or two about restoring nails to peak condition. Book your appointment with The W today!

3. Make it last.

Sandy toes and sunscreen woes. That tropical beach vacation you planned unfortunately has its potential downsides. But don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to keep your pedi from fading away fast. (P.S. Trying a gel pedicure on for size? Here are 6 ways to make it last longer.) Here’s what’s on our Spring Break packing list:
  • The W Nail Bar Travel Bag: As in, your go-to travel companions. This kit is packed with cuticle oil and lotion (apply daily to prevent your nails from drying out and splitting) and our very own peppermint scrub. Shop Now.
  • Emergency Polish: After splashing in the pool and catching some rays all day, those toes might need a touch-up. The W has you covered. In case of chipping, be sure to pick up a backup top coat at check out!
  • Polish Refresher: Reapply a layer of clear topcoat every two to three days to prevent chipping. Pick up our top coat at check out!

You’re Ready!

Phew! That was a close one. Now that you’re prepared for spring break, we want to hear what you have planned! Staying home? Booking a flight to the nearest beach? Drop a comment below!

Your Weekly Nail Prescription: Breaking or Tearing Corners

We sat down with our very own W Nail Tech, Lauren Huffman, to get the scoop on breaking or tearing. Here’s what she said: “I notice a lot of people complain about how often their nails break or tear at the corners when they have a square or squoval shape. I suggest changing the shape to round. Filing those corners and edges have helped me tremendously (I usually tell them based off of my own experiences, because I have naturally thin nails and my nails break A LOT!). Plus, I tell them to always keep gel on them as a protection! They are usually skeptical about going from square to round but always end up loving it!” Have a nail issue on your mind? Need a little mani/pedi insight? We’ve got your back! Leave us a comment below, and we’ll highlight it in our Weekly Nail Prescription!