Listen, we love snow days and holidays as much as anyone else, but too much of a good thing becomes...repetitive. We like to think the same goes for your nails. Festive reds and winter blues? Cute, but we’re over it (for now). Instead, we’ve scoured Instagram and the runway for all the latest spring nail trends to obsess over ASAP. From bold colors to chic graphics, pops of color to reinvented faves—scroll down to see five of the best nail polish ideas for spring and what story they tell about you!

1. Iridescent Nails // @nailsbyciarra

What it says: “See you at happy hour!” These nails are the perfect blend of work hard, play hard. This iridescent base coat says “I get sh*t done” while the metallic gold-tone accents say “but I know how to have fun.”

2. Colorful Cuticles // @maniwith_ash

What it says: “The best of me is hiding up my sleeve.” You’re no open book—people have to earn your trust to get to know the real you! A little pop of personality, like these colorful cuticles, is just a sneak peek for what’s to come (and it’s well worth the wait!).

3. Neon & Geometric // @_n.jane

What it says: “Not here to impress you.” Face it: you’re an artist. And artists are all about expressing their own unique personality. What better way to do that than with neon geometric patterns? Extra points for adding in a few primary colors, too.

4. Redefine Nude // @blessedbykaty

What it says: “Oh, this old thing?” Boring? No such thing. When everyone else is over a trend, you bring it right back—and better than ever. Nude nails out the door? Say no more. Add a little marble effect and you’re back on top, babe.

5. Metallic Detail // @nailedbyag

What it says: “You should feel lucky to know me.” You’re not afraid to be bold. In fact, you practically invented the word. A little rough around the edges never hurt anybody—and you like to think it makes you even cooler (you are). Go in confidence with metallic accents, eye-catching colors and metallic detail.

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