YOU may be ready for Spring Break, but are your nails? Your hands and feet have been hibernating the past few months, which means it’s time to prepare them for their warm-weather debut. Here are the four things we recommend you do to get your nails ready for Spring Break:

1. Book A Hydrating Mani & Pedi Service

Let’s face it, our skin is dry and is in desperate need of hydration. Our Dew Effect manicure and pedicure services are exactly what you need to treat your hands and feet and prepare them for their time in the sun. No flaky skin here, babe! 

2. Mask Up Between Appointments

We’re talking about hand and foot masks. Add Soon Skincare’s masks to your beauty routine to keep your mani and pedi looking fresh in-between appointments. P.S. We sell these masks in our shops individually and in packs of five. Convenient, right?

3. Avoid Water and Chemicals

The weather changing means that in addition to beach vacations, Spring cleaning is on the horizon. Avoid exposure to chemicals and prolonged time in water while giving your home a refresh by using gloves. 

4. Pick The Right Hue

We’re loving bright pinks, shades of blue, and floral designs right now. It’s time to brighten your nails so that they shine like the Spring Break sun. 

With Spring Break right around the corner, these four steps will have your nails prepped and ready to glow. Book your appointment at one of our twelve shop locations today!