Want to win the ‘Parent of the Year’ award? We’re here to help!

The best two weeks of the year are here! That’s right, it’s time for Mommy & Me.

Here’s how it works: When you book and receive a manicure or pedicure service at any of our shop locations from January 17-31, 2022, your mini will receive the same treatment FREE! Instantly awarding you ‘Best Mom (or Dad) of the Year.’

Here are a few other details to keep in mind:

  • Your child will either receive one free The Monti manicure or pedicure, depending on which service you choose.
  • Services must be booked and received between January 17-31, 2022.
  • Services must take place on the same day.
  • Nail art is not included. Standard pricing for nail art will apply.
  • For children 12 years or younger.

Need a hint on how to book? Here’s a play-by-play!

  1. Head to our service booking page, here.

  2. Choose the shop location you want to visit.

  3. Hit ‘Group Appointments.’

  4. Select which manicure or pedicure service you would like to receive. Add this service to your cart, making sure to select your polish and removal preferences.

  5. Click ‘Add More.’

  6. Select The Moni service you’d like to book for your child. Remember, the type of service should be the same as yours (either a manicure or pedicure).

  7. Click ‘Who this service is for’ and select ‘Guest.’ Add your mini’s name.

  8. Hit ‘Add.’

  9. Choose next and select the date and time for your services.

  10. Search for the ‘Have a promotion code?’ text below the booking information and click it. 

  11. Apply code MINIMANI.

  12. Hit next and finish checking out. You’re good to go, babe!

Don’t forget to snap a photo when you visit our shop and tag us on Instagram @thewnailbar. We can’t wait to see you and your mini soon! 

Mommy & Me at The W Nail BarMommy & Me at the wThe W Nail Bar mommy and me