Anatomy of a Winter Mani 

The perfect manicure has many benefits, including improving confidence and keeping skin healthy. It becomes especially important when cold, dry air and gloomy Winter days threaten to dry out our skin and dampen our mood. 

Our nail experts have outlined the four key steps for creating the perfect Winter manicure. In addition to the notes below, pre-book your next appointment for regular nail maintenance. The anatomy of a Winter manicure includes:

Hydrated Skin

Avoid dry, flaky hands by nourishing your skin with routine lotion application, especially after washing. We love Cannuka’s Nourishing Body Cream. Once a week, take hydration to the next level with a hand mask, like Soon Skincare’s Shea Butter Hand Mask. Your skin will look flawless, no matter what temperatures Mother Nature throws our way. 

Nourished Cuticles

Apply cuticle oil routinely year-round for best results. But this stuff is your BFF when temps start dropping. Apply cuticle oil after washing or before bed to prevent painful cracks and hangnails. P.S. We created the best Cuticle Oil around, and it’s available for purchase on our website.

Calming Color

Nail color choice can make a huge impact on your mood. We love bright and light colors to scare the Winter blues away. Need help picking a color? Here are the eight trendiest polish colors to wear right now, according to Bustle. 

Cozy Sweater

Okay, this isn’t necessary to create the perfect Winter manicure, but it’s highly recommended because who doesn’t feel more relaxed in a cozy sweater? Throw on your favorite sweater for the ultimate just-been-to-the-spa relaxation.

Follow these four steps to create the perfect Winter manicure for battling the harsh Winter winds and dark days ahead. Want to stay up-to-date on expert tips on nail health and care? Follow us on Instagram!