Holiday Gift Guide

Our go-to holiday gifts for treating your loved ones to the self-care they deserve. We make shopping so easy, you don't have to lift a finger (but they don't need to know that!).

The gift that always arrives on time

Gift Cards

The holidays are all about sharing love and joy. What better way to do that than the gift of self-care? Our special holiday gift card designs are perfect for anyone that deserves relaxation and indulgence during the bustling season.

Stock Up And Save


If you're looking to maximize the self-care experience while being mindful of your budget, The W's bundles are just what you need. Our seven bundle options contain your favorite manicures and pedicures while saving you 15%.

Small Gifts For beauty lovers

Stocking Stuffers

We've upgraded our stocking stuffer collection BIG time this year! Shop some of our favorite products from Ryan Porter, The Coffee Scrub, Cannuka, and more in-store at our 14 salons.

P.S. We've been working on something amazing of our own. Be the first to know about your nailfies new BFF by joining our waitlist at the link below.

Let's Make Our Relationship Official


Shopping for someone with a standing appointment, art selected for every occasion, and their nail tech on speed dial? A membership to The W is the best gift for the nail lover in your life!