It’s one thing to be a nail tech, but it’s another thing to be a nail tech at The W Nail Bar! Top quality manicures and pedicures are kind of our thing (no harsh chemicals here!), and we’re all about a warm, comforting environment for our community. Turns out, people really love that, including our nail techs! We don’t mean to brag, but we love what we do here, and we can’t keep the secret any longer. That’s why we sat down with one of our amazing employees, Lauren Huffman, to get the 411.

Lauren Huffman // @nails_by_lokay

How long have you been working at The W? I have been working here for almost 8 months! Love every minute of it! What made you decide to join us? In other words, what sealed the deal to make you want to work here over any other nail salon? Having an Aveda background, we loved keeping things natural! So, finding an all-natural nail bar really jumped out to me. I’ve never been a huge fan of doing acrylics or working with drills and harsh chemicals! And I found exactly that. Being with a company who cares and is so passionate about the integrity of their clients was very important to me! And of course I can’t forget the amazing opportunities they give us! It’s one hell-of-a-company that I wish everybody could work for! Being a nail tech sounds like a dream. When did you know you wanted to be one? I didn’t always know that I was going to be a nail tech. If you told me three years ago that I would be there, I would tell you you’re lying! But I am so beyond happy I did. I finally found something that brings me happiness and peace! I’ll never go back! What do you love most about working here? I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate my co-workers! They truly make work so much fun and are always there when you need them. I often look forward to my hour-and-ten-minute commute! It’s never a dull moment, I have found my passion and forever friends all in one place! It doesn’t get much better than that. Favorite nail color. Go! My favorite nail color is black, ALWAYS! It’s a color that looks so good on everybody! Glossy or shiny, doesn’t matter! It’s perfection! What’s the most common question/nail dilemma your clients ask you? How do you respond? When I work, I notice a lot of people complain about how often their nails break or tear at the corners when they have a square or squoval shape. I usually tell them based off of my own experiences, because I have naturally thin nails and my nails break A LOT! I suggest changing the shape to round. Filing those corners and edges have helped me tremendously. Plus, I tell them to always keep gel on them as a protection! They are usually skeptical about going from square to round but always end up loving it! ------ A huge thank you to Lauren for telling her W Nail Bar love story! Interested in becoming one of us? Learn more about joining The W as a nail tech here!