It’s one thing to be a nail tech, but it’s another thing to be a nail tech at The W Nail Bar! Top quality manicures and pedicures are kind of our thing (no harsh chemicals here!), and we’re all about a warm, comforting environment for our community. Turns out, people really love that, including our nail techs! We don’t mean to brag, but we love what we do here, and we can’t keep the secret any longer. That’s why we sat down with one of our amazing employees, Jayme Barton, to get the 411.

Jayme Barton //

How long have you been working at The W? I have been with the W since October of 2016. What made you decide to join us? In other words, what sealed the deal to make you want to work here over any other nail salon? I decided to join The W because I was unhappy in my 9-5 office job where I worked for a big company in recruiting. I wasn’t passionate about the positions I was recruiting for (commercial labor jobs). I already knew I loved the beauty industry, and was so sad to leave my previous salon (previous salon was an hour away and the drive was too much!). I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to just any salon because I had high standards! After following The W on Instagram one day on my lunch break, I decided to take a leap and DM The W. I was in for an interview a week later, and the rest is history! The W caught my attention for many reasons: the aesthetic was my style, the nail art was amazing, and the cleanliness sealed the deal. Being a nail tech sounds like a dream. When did you know you wanted to be one? I knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry since I was very young. I would always do my own hair, nails, and makeup, along with anyone else’s that would let me! When I was in my first salon doing hair and makeup, the salon owner asked me if I had an interest in doing nails professionally. I had never really thought much about it, since in cosmetology school we really didn’t focus much time on nails. It started as a way to fill up my book more, but soon turned into a passion (I blame Natalie for making me love doing nails!). When I decided to dive back into the beauty industry, it was a no brainer... I only wanted to be doing nails! What do you love most about working here? What I love most about working at The W is that it feels more like a family than a group of co-workers. We love each other so much, but also aren’t afraid to call each other out! The team at The W has been there for me during some of the toughest parts of my life... I truly couldn’t imagine getting through the last few years without such a supportive group of women and men! Favorite nail color. Go! Patchwork by IBD What’s the most common question/nail dilemma your clients ask you? How do you respond? The most common question I get is, ‘How do you keep your nails so nice when you're working with your hands all day?’ The answer is pretty simple: I don’t use my nails as tools, and I wear gloves ALL THE TIME. I get a lot of clients that are nurses, bartenders, college students—occupations that could potentially be hard on your hands/nails—and my advice to them is always the same. Don’t use your nails as tools, and moisturize your cuticles before bed! ------ A huge thank you to Jayme for telling her W Nail Bar love story! Interested in becoming one of us? Learn more about joining The W as a nail tech here!