The W Nail Bar Nail Art

With looks like these, you'll have the best nails around - hands down!

As you may know from our Instagram, our talented nail techs are exemplary when it comes to nail art! To support our team's ability to create stunning designs, our nail art options are divided into three levels organizing designs into categories depending on intricacy, time demands, and materials.

Learn more about our nail art levels below!

LEVEL 1: A Sprinkle Of Art

15 MIN    $10

Light art including transfer or leaf foil, single-color french, simple dotting, stickers, cat-eye on 10 nails. Detailed art or chrome on 1-2 nails.

Level 1 Nail Art
Level 1 Nail Art

LEVEL 2: For A Little Extra Flair

30 MIN    $20

Light tortoiseshell, abstracts, chrome, multi-color french, basic animal print, marbling, negative space, lines, floral, 3D decals. Detailed art on 3-5 nails.

Level 2 Nail ArtLevel 2 Nail Art

LEVEL 3: For Those Who Go All-Out

40 MIN    $30

Ombré, paint splatter, detailed animal print, flames, galaxy, tortoise, detailed floral, hand-drawn art, detailed tape/foil. Detailed art on 5+ nails. Price may increase for 40+ mins art.

Level 3 Nail Art
Level 3 Nail Art

Please note, that not every nail tech can perform every design. Not sure which level is right for you? Contact us at or call the shop you plan to visit before booking your appointment.