For many of us in the United States, the cold weather is definitely here to stay (well, for at least a couple more months, anyway). And while we’d never knock a day on the slopes, the brisk winds, frigid temps and blasts of artificial heat take a major toll on our hands and feet. But hey, nothing we can’t fix! By following just a few of our easy tricks, you’ll be able to beat the chill and keep your nails healthier than ever before. Read up on our cold-weather skincare tips below, featuring a couple of our winter skin saviors.

1. Meet Your New Winter Sidekick: Our OG Body Lotion

Already got your mind on summer? Good news: Our OG Body Lotion actually smells like a day at the beach. So good, you might even consider cancelling your next vacay (jk, don’t do that). Slather it on whenever you need a boost of hydration (and some instant island vibes). Here’s why we’re lovin’ on lotion: The skin on your hands is thinner than anywhere else on your body, mostly because they’re almost always exposed. Cocoa Seed Butter (aka, one of the main ingredients in our life-changing OG Lotion) is known to soothe your dry, cracked hands. Plus, it forms a barrier over your skin to hold in moisture, protecting them from future damage. In other words, get your hands on some OG!

2. For Super Hydrated, OMG-Worthy Nail Beds: Turn to Cuticle Oil

Turns out, cuticle oil is so not optional, especially during the winter months. In fact, we love it so much, we wrote an entire post on it. That liquid gold your nail tech swipes on your fingers is known to moisturize scuffed-up cuticles, with the added power of fixing extremely dry, cracked nails. For best results, apply some overnight to fully absorb into your cuticles, or after every time you wash your hands to avoid them from drying out. So, wanna get your hands on some? You’re in luck. Here at The W Nail Bar, we carry two pen-like applicator cuticle oils: The Jean and The Lulu. Since we couldn’t find anything stellar on the market, we infused ours with natural, super-absorbing oils and vitamins, so your cuticles will be repaired and moisturized after using our oil often (you’re welcome!).

3. Drink Up! When the Temps Drop, Water Should Be Your BFF

Want glowing, hydrated skin this winter? Sadly, topical creams and cuticle oils are only half the battle. If you want serious results, start from within! Yep, we’re talkin’ H2O. Staying properly hydrated is not only necessary for your overall health, but plays an important role in your skin’s health and beauty. Quick science lesson: Your skin is an organ, mostly made up of water. And without water, your skin can’t function at its best. Translation? You need to replenish fluids as often as possible! Try aiming for eight glasses a day, and ditch the sugary fruit juices and sodas. Your hands will thank you!

4. Step Aside, Winter: Fruits & Veggies Are Here to Save the Day

Sipping on H2O isn’t the only way to stay hydrated—fruits and veggies also contain tons of water to keep your nails and skin ultra-healthy. Even better? They’re more than just a quick fix to satisfy your taste buds. They’re also packed with tons of skin-loving vitamins and nutrients. Although your skin is bound to thrive after eating any fruit or vegetable, the ones with the most water content are watermelon (shocker), strawberries, grapefruit, cantaloupe, cucumbers, zucchini, radish, and celery. So, eat up! --- See? Dry, cracked hands never stood a chance! In addition to all of these helpful tips, be sure to stick to your regular nail appointments. Book yours now! Oh, and the best part? The W provides complimentary hot tea and water, so you can hydrate while you wait!