The W Nail Bar and Cannuka PartnershipThe W Nail Bar is proud to announce a recent partnership with Cannuka, a skincare line combining the finest CBD with the best Manuka honey.

As part of this partnership, The W will sell Cannuka products, including the list below, at all our shops.

To learn more about the revolutionary brand creating medically inspired beauty products, we spoke with General Manager/Chief Brand Officer, Stephen Letourneau.

  1. Why was Cannuka founded?

Cannuka was originally founded to create a need in the market for quality CBD derived from Hemp. This need was meant to fuel the family farm by giving farmers a new sustainable crop that could make a living wage.

  1. What makes Cannuka’s products special?

The unique combination of Cannabis and Manuka honey (Hence the name: Can Nuka). These ingredients are quite powerful on their own. CBD with its calming properties, and Manuka honey both antibacterial and a natural humectant. How they both weren’t already in skincare was a shock to the Cannuka founders. Each of their products were developed to provide a solution leading you to healthy skin, not perfect skin. We all know that hydrated skin is healthy skin and that’s skin to smile about.

  1. What are Cannuka’s most popular products?

Cannuka’s most popular products are the Gel Balm Cleanser and Harmonizing Face Cream. The cleanser’s soft, bouncy formula leaves skin feeling cleansed but not stripped, while the Harmonizing Face Cream with the subtle burst of citrus helps to balance the skin to provide the ultimate hydration.