Winter is here, and while we might not be showing off our best toe moment (unless we are all sneaking off to St. Barts together), we still need to take care of our feet!   

Cannuka, a Midwest-based clean skincare brand, was founded to fuel the family farm by giving farmers a new sustainable crop, Hemp, that makes a living wage farming. Cannuka uses the unique combination of Cannabis and Manuka Honey to provide a solution leading you to healthy skin, not perfect skin.

Cannuka’s Skin Balm, available for purchase at The W Nail Bar, became one of the brand’s best sellers. Consumers looking to seal in moisture, especially during the seasonal changes and winter months, love this product, and it developed a cult-like following.  

The Skin Balm quickly became a mainstay for the brand’s soothing feet masks, which start with cleansing using the Cannuka Body Bar, followed by massaging in the Ultra-Nourishing Body Cream, finished with a scoop of the skin balm, paying close attention to your cuticles. For ultimate nourishment, let the mask rest overnight and allow for a deep hydrating treatment.  

Here’s the full mask routine: 

Step 1: Pour that glass of wine and get a bowl of popcorn for the best relaxation moment. 

Step 2: Soak your feet for 5-10 minutes before applying your favorite scrub and cleanser. 

Step 3: Lightly pat your feet dry and then massage in the Ultra-Nourishing Body Cream. Allow absorption.  

Step 4: Scoop out a quarter-size amount of balm and gently massage starting at the heel and work your way forward. Note: This should be a thick amount.

Step 5: Pull on your comfy socks for overnight absorption.

Step 6: Treat yourself to that wine/popcorn and snuggle up to your favorite Netflix series.

Step 7: Wake up with the softest feet ever  

Snag your own Cannuka Skin Balm at one of our shop locations and treat your feet to a foot mask during your next Self-Care Sunday.